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They Employed me but gave my letter to someone else
Date Reported:
2013-02-26 07:01:47 | City: Lokoja
Resisted By: Me | Department: Internal Affairs
Transaction: Job Applications/Employment Processes
Detail: I was shortlisted for NSCDC employment in 2003 and even attended the training program in Kogi state but when I got a call to come and pick up my employment letter, I went to their office and didn't see any letter there. I later found out that my letter had been given to someone else and since then I have been asking them to respond to my case but they refuse to even listen to me. Even when they did their recent employment process, one of their staff said I should bring N400,000 if I wanted anything to be done.

Nobody Requested Egunje
Date Reported:
2013-02-11 02:41:26 | City: Lagos Island
Resisted By: Friend | Department: Culture and Tourism
Transaction: Contracts/Tenders/Procurement
Detail: Our company submitted a proposal, and we were called for presentation. We went for it and we were awarded the contract. Nobody ever called us to pay him or her anything. we were asked to send our quote which we did. It was just as simple as that to the glory of God.

Only people who pay bribe receive their licence on time!
Date Reported:
2013-02-08 03:22:33 | City: Ikeja
Resisted By: Me | Department: Presidency
Transaction: Drivers Licence
Detail: I went to the FRSC office in Ojodu to try and get a driver's licence and the whole process of getting the licence is so frustrating that the only option of speeding up the process is to pay a bribe. You will notice that those who pay bribes there receive their licence without much fuss meanwhile the rest of us languish and suffer. I refuse to pay anything because it is an unfair system.

Arrested for Driving without a Seatbelt and Asked to pay a bribe for release
Date Reported:
2013-02-06 08:38:48 | City: Agege
Resisted By: Friend | Department: State Run Agencies
Transaction: Arrest/Remanding in Custody
Detail: My driver was caught by lastma when he was trying to put on his seatbelt while driving. He was take to their office in Agege and the officer who caught him threatened that if he didn't give him N4000 there that he will take my driver to his oga who will give him a receipt for N36000. I'm not sure whether I will pay it.

They want to collect bribe before they release my goods
Date Reported:
2013-02-04 08:01:25 | City: Awka North
Resisted By: Me | Department: State Run Agencies
Transaction: Requesting Approvals/Permissions/Authorization
Detail: I newly moved to Awka and I rented a shop at the market to sell my goods. On the day I was opening for the first time, ASWAMA people came and started seizing and closing people's shops. They came to my shop and seized my goods even after I told them I was just opening that day and they said I should go and pay my dues at the bank. I went to the bank and paid the dues as requested and collected the teller to show them at their office. On getting there, they told me that I still needed to pay money before they could release my goods and they said the money was for the seizure. I refused to pay the money and they didn't give me my goods back.

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