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The corrupt FRSC officers at the Oshodi Unit
Date Reported:
2013-03-27 12:20:23 | City: Oshodi-Isolo
Resisted By: Friend | Department: Presidency
Transaction: Traffic Offence
Detail: The Traffic offenders that are caught by the officers of the FRSC in Oshodi near challenge bus-stop do not remit or give you a ticket to book you for the offence but collect the money directly

After buying transformer they now want to collect money from residents
Date Reported:
2013-03-19 12:13:42 | City: Abuja Municipal
Resisted By: Me | Department: Power and Steel
Transaction: Requesting Repairs/Replacement/Remedial Work
Detail: The people living in Tudun Wada contributed money to buy a new transformer for our area because we were having power problems and after we've purchased and installed the transformer with all the necessary equipment phcn staff now came and said that each house in the area should pay them N5000 registration before they connect the houses to the transformer. And when we were complaining about light they didn't answer us.

I need to collect my certificate without paying a bribe, what do I do.
Date Reported:
2013-03-11 04:24:31 | City: Oshodi-Isolo
Resisted By: Me | Department: Other Organisations
Office/Company: Other Organisations
Transaction: Academic Processes
Detail: I need to get the original certificate of my NECO result from the secondary school where I finished from, so I went to the principal's office, I was asked to pay a levy of N1000 which I agreed to pay. But the principal has not been around to sign the certificate off. The clerks in the office approached me and said he can help in "fast tracking" my collection of the certificate if I pay N3000, he will meet me at the school gate and give it to me. I badly need this certificate this week and it looks like the principal may not really be around, what do you advise I do.

Why are there so many custom officers at our airport?
Date Reported:
2013-03-06 10:13:27 | City: Ikeja
Resisted By: Me | Department: Finance
Transaction: Customs Duties, Levies & Imposts
Detail: What kind of country is this that when you come back to your own country from abroad, the first ugly corrupt sight is the Nigerian customs demanding a bribe like it's their right. They harass you with some only God know quotation of some laws and threaten you if you don't comply. I brought in two bags with nothing that will warrant my paying custom duties fees for, after much drama and threats to take me to their office or stand, the officer just said "okay madam, wetin you bring for us". It is sad, it destroys our image, it reduces us as a nation. I hope with this medium we can reduce this menace.

My Friend is about to get another carryover
Date Reported:
2013-03-06 05:09:04 | City: Moro
Resisted By: Friend | Department: Education
Transaction: Academic Processes
Detail: It a sad situation in the College of Education Moro, students are asked to pay N2500 for their assessment. As I write this, many students have paid and have been assessed. This has been happening, my friend refused to pay last year and got a carryover, this year again they are asking for the bribe again or else he will fail again. this has to stop in this country or where are we going with our education?

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