Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who are we?
    Integrity Organization is a research and advocacy organization focused on good governance and anti-corruption issues. Our vision is to strive towards “a society with zero tolerance for corruption” and we believe that through leadership, creativity and effective implementation of our ideas, we empower people, their transactions, systems and institutions against corruption”.

  • What is egunjedotinfo?
    egunjedotinfo is a bribe payers reporting platform where citizens can and are encouraged to lay reports of bribery in public/private or civic organizations.

  • What is the meaning of the word “Egunje”?
    “Egunje” is a Yoruba slang word used as a euphemism for bribe, inducement, kickbacks and on a broader scale: corruption.

  • What reports can I make
    The reports are in three categories,” I paid egunje” which reports a bribe that was given. “I didn’t pay egunje” which report cases where you haven’t paid yet or have refused to pay the bribe, and the last category “I didn’t have to pay egunje” which reports a case where the service was delivered without asking you to pay a bribe.

  • How do I make a report?
    By Phone: Call the following numbers 08164472520 or 07069318778, you will be able to speak with someone who can lay the reports for you.
    By SMS: Visit the egunjedotinfo home page, at the mid section of the right hand side of page you will find the mobile apps that will enable you report by sms.
    By web: visit the egunjedotinfo homepage and report according to the three categories of reports, (“I paid egunje”, “I didn’t pay egunje”,” I didn’t have to pay egunje”).

  • Is my identity protected?
    In making a report, you do not need to state your name and other personal details. The system has been designed to protect your identity. However if you want us to take up a case, you will need to provide evidence, details and possibly your name too.

  • What difference will my reports make?
    When you make a report, the platform provides you with the oppurtuinty to participate in the anti-corruption process. Secondly, your reports provide a picture of corruption trends which forms the basis of our analysis for choosing where to direct targeted advocacy in the fight in against corruption.

  • I want action on my reports, what do I need to do?
    If you are able to provide us with hard facts and concrete evidence, we will take up the case with relevant organization to seek redress.

  • How do I make a report when I don’t have access to internet?
    Reports can be made by calling these numbers [08164472520, 07069318778] or you can download the mobile app and send your reports by SMS

  • I know someone who paid a bribe, can I report on their behalf?
    Yes! A report can be made on someone’s behalf but the details of the location and date must be included in the report. However a report cannot be made without the consent of the person involved.

  • Can I report a bribe that has happened a long time ago?
    Yes! It is possible to report a bribe that took place in the past. However in making the report, you should include the details of the location where the bribe was paid, the estimated date and time of the bribery incident.

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INTEGRITY organization is an anti-corruption, research and advocacy organization with a vision of reducing the tolerance to corruption in Nigeria. INTEGRITY has been in the business of engaging the government at various levels, using results of demand-side research to engage in constructive dialogue with the government, even during the military era. Learn more...