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My boss is too corrupt
Date Reported:
2013-03-06 03:47:09 | City: Ibeju Lekki
Resisted By: Friend | Department: Police Formation and Command
Transaction: Arrest/Remanding in Custody
Detail: I am a Police officer, But I shall not mention my name for security reasons. I want to report my boss, he is soaked in corruption. He will send us out for a raid, a normal raid to make sure that he can get bribes from the people we have raided. Yesterday, we went out for a raid and the people we brought back he is charging N50000 to bail themselves. I am reporting because it is wrong and the money is too high for an ordinary raid.

They want me to bribe them before they return my car
Date Reported:
2013-03-05 04:08:14 | City: Obafemi/Owode
Resisted By: Me | Department: Presidency
Transaction: Traffic Offence
Detail: I was stopped on Ibafo Road by Road Safety officers because I was driving without using my seatbelt. They insisted I pay a fine of N5000 to them there but I said I wanted a reciept for the payment so they directed me to the bank to pay the money. When I came back with the receipt and teller to collect my car they said I should pay an additional N1000 to them for the parking space. I refused to pay the money because i have never heard of such a fee before.

Request for Money to be connected to 24hours current supply
Date Reported:
2013-03-04 15:01:43 | City: Karu
Resisted By: Me | Department: Power and Steel
Transaction: Disposal of public assets
Detail: Some people in the community are claiming to supply transformers for 24hours current supply and that households interested should pay an amount ranging from three hundred thousand naira to four hundred thousand to get connected. All households that refused are now being punished by starvation with inadequate current supply of less than 2 hours a week or even less.My recharge that I did some 7 months am yet to finish a unit of only 2000 which shows how inadequate the current supply to our neighbourhood. People that paid the egunje are enjoying continuous power supply.

No keys to my own house
Date Reported:
2013-03-04 09:18:18 | City: Lagos Island
Resisted By: Friend | Department: Other Organisations
Office/Company: Other Organisations
Transaction: Property Seizure or Recovery
Detail: I am supposed to move into a house I have paid for in Lekki, after I have paid every thing, to give me the keys to the house, they are asking me to pay some fees before they give me the keys to the house, I have reported to the Police but I they is no fruitful result coming out as I have expected.

Police are trying to extort money from me even when I have all my documents
Date Reported:
2013-02-26 08:02:38 | City: Iganmu
Resisted By: Me | Department: Police Formation and Command
Transaction: Property Seizure or Recovery
Detail: I was transporting some packages around that Orile bridge side when police stopped me and asked me for my documents. I had all the papers for my car and showed them the waybill for the goods I was carrying and my official I.D. card but the detained me and said that company on my I.D. card doesn't match the one on the waybill. They asked me to pay N5000 and I refused. Even after they called the person who owns the package to confirm it wasn't stolen, one of them still refused to release me from their custody.

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