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Students pay to bribe to external invigilators
Date Reported:
2013-04-25 08:59:35 | City: Port Harcourt
Resisted By: Friend | Department: Education
Transaction: Academic Processes
Detail: Please, there is a dangerous trend that is going on, students are forced to pay N1500 each in secondary schools when writing their WEAC or NECO exam. The money is used to settle the external invigilators. Any school that does not cooperate, the school and its students are victimized.

Pensioners of Lagos state in Alausa have been left to die
Date Reported:
2013-04-22 12:24:47 | City: Ikeja
Resisted By: Friend | Department: Other Organisations
Office/Company: Other Organisations
Transaction: Transfers of public funds/ deductions
Detail: I will to make this known to the general public the plight of the Lagos state pensioners that are dying everyday because their entitlements have been withheld because they have refused to succumb to the corruption in the system by bribing the officials in charge of their pension papers. This is sad because their papers are complete but because they have decided not to bribe, they have have been left to die.

No payment after completing contract
Date Reported:
2013-04-18 12:01:45 | City: Abuja Municipal
Resisted By: Me | Department: Housing & Urban Development
Transaction: Contracts/Tenders/Procurement
Detail: I was awarded a contract with the Ministry in 2009 and when I completed the work and was given my certificate of completion I wasn't paid for the work I had done. Since I have been looking for how to collect the rest of my money. One of the directors even said before I can collect my payment I needed to give him N300,000 but I refused.

If I didn't Know my rights (Part 2)
Date Reported:
2013-04-18 09:24:00 | City: Amuwo Odofin
Resisted By: Me | Department: Finance
Transaction: Customs Duties, Levies & Imposts
Detail: I traveled to Dubai and back a few days ago, I and my wife were held at the airport for over three hours over the fact that we refused to bribe for normal thing that need not be declared for customs duties, the annoying thing is discrimination meted to you for not playing to the tune of the corrupt practices that take place at the airports, at the conveyor section where we waited for our luggage, we were transferred through three officers of the customs because we stood our ground not to bribe while others were allowed to pass without wasting time. I have traveled to other countries and you should see how their system works, it is a shame that we are still at this point in Nigeria.

Probate Staff says I dont understand I should give egunje
Date Reported:
2013-04-18 06:45:45 | City: Ikeja
Resisted By: Me | Department: High Court
Office/Company: PROBATE
Transaction: Registration of Will
Detail: My father died intestate and we applied to the Probate office to help give us access to his bank account in August 2011. Probate staff, Dupe, blatantly asked for 'annointing' before she would open a N10 folder for his file. Ok, so I assume that probate cannot afford to give clients N10 folder, and hand over N200 to cover cost of folder. She asks me to return next day with a bunch of forms, signed but not filled. I filled the forms anyway, and she got vexed the next day and refused to serve me as I had 'shortened her ration' by not allowing her 'tax' me for helping me fill the form. Their cashier collected N225 for some mandatory charge, but refused to give me change out of N500, dissing that I would be 'Ijebu' otherwise. Nevertheless, the delays had begun. Cut a long story short, what could have taken only 2 weeks of coming and going, doing all photocopying on their behalf, as probate could not afford messengers or copy machines, took 9ine months. During this time, they actually refurbished their offices with brand new expensive doors and air-conditioning, no doubt from the 10% advance probate fee they charge every customer. Though I had promised one of the staff, Mrs Wayas, 5% of any funds derived from papa's account, if she simply called or texted me as soon as the application was successful, she refused to call or answer my calls, which meant I had to venture into probate every other day for nine months! She claimed because I wasn't smart enough to 'drop egunje', my file was either 'missing' or 'still with the judge'. As it turned out, Admin Letter had been issued by judge in November 2011, but vindictive staff was only released it, after complaints to the Chief Registrar, in April 2012. By this time, as luck would have it, papa's bank balance had increased by nine times the amount that had been declared on file - proving that every disappointment is a blessing!

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