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transcript wahala
Date Reported:
2013-11-29 12:52:18 | City: Gwagwalada
Resisted By: Me | Department: Other Organisations
Office/Company: Other Organisations
Transaction: Academic Processes
Detail: I went to appply for my transcript.the normal fee is 2400,which also includes posting. The man in charge gave me his no to call him and follow up. When i called the next day,he said that my dept result is not in their office that i should send 7000 to settle all the necessary people. I told him not to worry,he was angry that i dnt need it,why did i came to dsiturb him. I met some1 in another office and she helped me without collecting anything.

Asking for money for aptitude test questions & answers
Date Reported:
2013-10-29 11:23:51 | City: Abuja Municipal
Resisted By: Relative | Department: Internal Affairs
Transaction: Job Applications/Employment Processes
Detail: My sister applied for the Immigration service vacancy that was recently advertised. All of a sudden, she got a call from somebody that was telling her that if she paid N4000 into his account, he will give her the questions and answers for the aptitude test that they will have to take. I told her not to pay anything. This corruption is a terrible thing in our country and we must fight it.

Access Bank demands N1million for employment
Date Reported:
2013-10-08 05:21:40 | City: Lagos Island
Resisted By: Friend | Department: Financial Institutions
Office/Company: Access Bank
Transaction: Job Applications/Employment Processes
Detail: Having spent almost two unproductive years at home after graduation, Evelyn was badly in need of a job. After passing the aptitude test and first interview, she was pretty confident as she walked out of her second interview for a management trainee position at Access Bank. But her confidence immediately atrophies like an ice cube thrown into a burning fire when she was told, over the telephone, by an official of the bank that she needed to source a total of N1 million from at least 10 new customers within a week as a prerequisite for being employed. Her parents immediately kicked against her continuing with the recruitment process saying it was exploitative. But the thought of having to sit at home for an indefinite period in search of another job was far scarier for Evelyn. She was determined to meet the bank’s demand. Hard as she tried, she could only get eight people to open new accounts with the bank. Two days later she got a call from the bank telling her she didn’t make the cut. “In Access Bank it has to be ten over ten or nothing,” the voice at the other end of the phone said. Evelyn was devastated. She felt used and dumped. “After the second interview, I thought I already had the job,” she said. In fact she was called for the third interview, which is usually a formality, according to an Access Bank source. read more here http://premiumtimesng.com/news/146117-shocking-access-bank-demands-n1million-employment-gtb-asks-trainees-write-obituaries.html

Soldiers extorting passengers at roadblocks
Date Reported:
2013-04-29 03:55:15 | City: Binin Gwari
Resisted By: Friend | Department: Defence/MOD/Army/Airforce/Navy
Office/Company: NIGERIAN ARMY
Transaction: Road blocks
Detail: Why, after paying transport fare at the bus park, should I now have to pay soldiers at a roadblock in order to complete my journey? Before the soldiers collected money from just the driver of the vehicle but now they are collecting N100 or N500 from each passenger before they allow the vehicle to proceed. This happened to my friend just last week but he told them he was going for an interview and didn't have money so they let him go without paying. This is a very sad development

So much trouble because I refused to give N200 bribe.
Date Reported:
2013-04-26 08:39:28 | City: Okrika
Resisted By: Me | Department: Police Formation and Command
Transaction: Road blocks
Detail: I am an electronic dealer, in the process to moving my goods in to and from my show room, I have a truck which is the appropriate vehicle to move the kind of equipment that i sell, I get stopped by the Police, they open all the packages of my electronics which are brand new, they open them, not minding that I still have to sell them in those packages, telling me that they are doing their job. One day I was coming from Aba where i had gone to claim my goods and on my way back I was stopped by Police again and in the name of doing their job they searched my goods and found a small four litre of can of (dogon yaro) Neem tree concoction my grandmother had made for me as a Malaria drug, and said that since it doesn't have NAFDAC registration number that I was carrying a fake drug. All this trouble because i refused to give them N200 as bribe.

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