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Indiscriminate Towing of Cars by Nigeria Police

Date Paid: 4-4-2018 12:58:52 | City: Abuja Municipal
Date Reported: 2018-04-07 08:13:07 | Department: Police Formation and Command

Transaction: Property Seizure or Recovery
Bribe Type: Personal
Detail: Has anyone noticed the spate at which the Nigeria Police tow peoples' cars - without minding whether you parked properly or not - and expect you to bail the car with cash? I parked my car in a marked corner of the road opposite GTBank in central area. By the time I came out from the bank, my car was missing. After several enquiries from people around, I was told to go to the parking lot behind eagle square. On getting there I found out the Nigeria Police towed my car, and even deflated both front tires. After much exchange of hot words and abuses, I had to bail my car with NGN3,000 (plus additional NGN400 to pump my tires). Their initial demand was NGN10,000. This is an evil way to rob citizens of their hard-earned money, by people who are supposed to save you. The number of one of the policeman is 07030805610 (Inspector Abdullahi).

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