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Police are just going around arresting anybody

Date Paid: | City: Oshodi-Isolo
Date Reported: 2013-04-15 03:51:46 | Department: Police Formation and Command

Transaction: Arrest/Remanding in Custody
Bribe Type: Nil
Detail: Because of a clash between the police and area boys in that Isolo/under bridge area, the police have been going around picking up people at random and arresting them. My sister was running an errand when she too was arrested and taken to the police post at Isolo. When I called her and found out what had happened, I went to the station and made enquiries and found out that they were charging those that were detained N4000 before they released anyone. I asked to see the DPO whom I knew but one of the officers on duty told me he was unavailable and when I asked him why they were indiscriminately arresting people he said that it wasn't the police who were in charge but some plain clothes men who were using the station for their operations. I eventually was able to secure the release of my sister but I am deeply unhappy with what is going on because this happened 2 months ago and its still going on.

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