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They are asking for money to apply for a job!

Date Paid: | City: Abuja Municipal
Date Reported: 2013-01-18 04:35:53 | Department: Other Organisations

Transaction: Job Applications/Employment Processes
Bribe Type: Nil
Detail: I read on a Nigerian forum that the National Maritime Security Agency are recruiting so I called the number posted there and they told me to pay N2000 for the registration form and to come to Benin after paying that to pick up the form and pay another N50000 before I can go to training camp

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2020-09-14 18:01:17
Dean:Agreed that film is still superior for color rentiducroop, and of course for detail. I remember reading somewhere that digital cameras would need the equivalent of 16 megapixels in order to reproduce the detail one gets from 35mm film. Some high-end digital cameras are getting close, but I think see that in the consumer sphere for several years (my D70s is 6.1, for example).

2020-09-15 05:27:44
NoddyMarch 31, 2010Very interesting stuff Cameron – I understand exactly WHAT you mean by letting pesky go and get automatic, lose the fear of the poor shot, score and so on.I just have no idea HOW to make this happen, every Saturday I turn up determned to break 80 and depsite getting very close a few times. I most times leave the course so dina.ppoistedsAny help to unlocking my potential and having FUN with golf again would be more than welcome.

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