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Not a kobo requested

Date Paid: | City: Ikeja
Date Reported: 2013-01-15 08:33:23 | Department: Transport

Transaction: Drivers Licence
Bribe Type: Corporate
Detail: I still can't get over the fact I did not have to pay a bribe. Early this 2013, I went to collect my driver's licence which I had applied for in 2010 at the Ojota-Ikeja FRSC/VIO station. I remember when I applied for the license, I was commanded to "drop something" by a hostile official who I had to submit my application form to. My driving instructor, who came with me told me to just pay, that that is how they normally do. I was irritated and gave the greedy old man my 150 Naira after he and another female officer in his "office" insulted me, telling me to get out and come back when I was ready. Well, 2 and a half years after when I had time to finally pick my licence, I went to the station, and to the post where the licences were being collected. I didn't have any documents or proof apart from my i.d card and an explanation. When it was my turn, I explained to the official extending and signing on the temporary licences. Initially, the man told me he couldn't help me without my documents, but after a while, he looked at me and pointed at two big bags full of uncollected licences. He then told me to search for my licence. Almost reluctantly, I did, and found it. When I showed him, he nodded and directed me to the next place where I would sign for it. I went there and saw two women who were in charge of the post. I told them what I wanted to do. They opened a book and asked me to sign. I did. I looked at them, they told me I could go. That was all. I couldn't, and still cannot believe it. I didn't have to pay a bribe! Unbelievable. It had to be God!

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