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Stamping of My International Passport

Date Paid: 28-12-2012 14:27:48 | City: Ipokia
Date Reported: 2012-12-29 09:41:52 | Department: Internal Affairs

Transaction: International Passport Application Process
Bribe Type: Personal
Detail: On the 28 of December, 2012 I was traveling along with my husband who had his passport used with various visas, while my own passport is new and I was told by the Immigration Officer in Charge that because my passport is new I need to give them 1,000 and I asked them will they give me receipt and the money is for what, so the officer said is because my passport is new but my husband declined to pay because he worked with NGO and he told them he will not pay any money without receipt but later the officer said i should just give them 500 and get my passport stamped wish I agreed to but i know within my mind i will report the case based on the programme i attended during the launch of egunje platform

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