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Intentionally delaying passport application to get bribed

Date Paid: 5-12-2012 15:26:57 | City: Kuje
Date Reported: 2012-12-17 10:42:03 | Department: Foreign Affairs

Transaction: International Passport Application Process
Bribe Type: Corporate
Detail: I am living in Dublin and i needed an e-passport within one month, but the embassy staff will always tell me to come back in four month's time, claiming that they are going by appointment on the internet, i was only able to get my passport processed when i gave one of the staffs €200 EUROS so that my passport can be quickly processed and meet up with my business travel. why should we have to wait for up to four month to renew a passport as a citizen because an internet appointment system that is set to malfunction said so, many people complain about this too, Nigeria embassy in Dublin is a sham and does not help Nigerians when we needed their help especially when it comes to passport issuance which they always send us back to the internet. this is wrong, as Nigerians, we should not wait for more than ten days for passport renewal or e-passport appointment at the embassy.

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