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Drivers licence

Date Paid: | City: Abuja Municipal
Date Reported: 2012-11-24 04:30:24 | Department: Presidency

Transaction: Road blocks
Bribe Type: Nil
Detail: I was stopped in my car on Thursday 22nd Nov just around area 1 round about by VIO officials and i provided all my documents. On seeing my American drivers licence, the officer (whose name is Samuel) insisted that i didn't have a licence. He insisted that i must come along to 'their office' to sort myself out. I insisted that my licence remains valid till 6months after my reply and he kept asking me for my boarding pass to prove when i had returned to the country. When i stood my ground on only being back for less than 6months, he told me that i can get a licence for 9500 even though the official price is 7500 and they will speed up the process and not ask me any questions or put me through tests. I thanked him and told him no thanks but i would want to be tested. I still took his number and he said to me 'its nice going business with you' because i had promised to call him before getting there.

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