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Breakfast moni for unintended traffic offence

Date Paid: 8-2-2019 12:23:07 | City: Abuja Municipal
Date Reported: 2019-02-08 06:33:44 | Department: Police Affairs

Transaction: Traffic Offence
Bribe Type: Personal
Detail: I do not beat traffic lights as a patriotic Nigerian. Unfortunately today as i tried to manoeuvre the traffic at Finance to turn left towards the road leading to the mosque, another driver manoeuvred to make a u-turn from my right side and blocked me. As a result I was stuck after the light turned red and the police at the traffic light accosted me. I tried to explain to them what happened but they insisted I had committed a traffic offence and needed to go to the mobile court for an assessment and to have my tyres deflated. I appealed to them and they asked me to go but asked me to give the breakfast moni so they can let me go. I had only N1000 notes and gave them one as I was late to work and didnt want to go anywhere to have my tyres deflated. Since intentions dont count I was wrong and paid egunje.

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