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Date Paid: 21-6-2014 10:27:51 | City: Ikeja
Date Reported: 2014-12-02 06:22:52 | Department: Transport

Transaction: Drivers Licence
Bribe Type: Corporate
Detail: I had been coming back 'tomorrow' for close to one month that I'd almost lost my job. I take permission from work everyday to get my Driver's licence not until when I got frustrated and complained. One of the officials called me aside and told me he was going to help me but with #2000. I hesitated but thought of the stress, time, energy and money I'd been wasting made me compromise. Surprisingly after the #2000 egunje, I entered straight into the office and met with others who have also done the same thing I did. I was done within 5 minutes and came out to see the naive ones that were lied to about the System being down sweating under the scotching sun. I'm not castigating anyone right now or being judgmental but it is pathetic if we continue this way. Some of us don't want to get involved but we've got no choice. The issue of corruption is emanating from those who were supposed to abolish it!

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