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Illegal police raids

Date Paid: 16-7-2013 16:16:09 | City: Oshodi-Isolo
Date Reported: 2014-06-02 11:20:14 | Department: Police Formation and Command

Transaction: Arrest/Remanding in Custody
Bribe Type: Corporate
Detail: OSHODI- Ever been picked up at random during a police raid and had to pay bribe to be released? My friend was! My friend after his SSCE exams decided to take a factory job to gather some money before going into the higher institution. He was on afternoon shift and that meant he was gonna close and get back home late... Another friend of his was going to Oshodi, he decided to see the guy to the point he was to take the bus going to oshodi... The guy going to Oshodi boarded whilemy friend was by the door gisting till the bus gets filled. When it was filled na den story change. Turned out that the bus was for some police officers on raid, my friend was asked to sit on his friends lap and they were taken to the station. Somehow he got words to us and we went to the station with his mum and dad... He was accused of wandering and we were asked to bail him. We parted with some cash and he was released .

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