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Police blackmail even after the case had been settled!!

Date Paid: 18-11-2009 16:00:39 | City: Lagos Island
Date Reported: 2014-06-02 11:03:46 | Department: Police Formation and Command

Transaction: Arrest/Remanding in Custody
Bribe Type: Corporate
Detail: VICTORIA ISLAND - My friend once brought me into a police mess in 2009. He borrowed my ATM card on the guise that he needed it for transactions. He then gave the card to his "friend" to use for fund transfer fraud. Police com nab and "gbas" me into cell. Only God and my activism saved me bt not after I parted away with like 40k before the guy was arrested and I was released. After then, the LPO still dey call my number to make some deposit to his account else he will re-arrest me. The guy nearly removed my heart from my mouth while asking for the money. This blackmail continued for days. A day came when I asked the LPO to send his account detail and he did. I then called him and warned to stay off from me else, I will sue him for "treason" and he should be assured that his text message would be used as evidence. The guy made a reverse immediately and that was d last I heard of him. Infact, I can still remember his name it was bar beach police station in VI. I do not know how I got that courage but it really worked.

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