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They want to collect bribe before they release my goods

Date Paid: | City: Awka North
Date Reported: 2013-02-04 08:01:25 | Department: State Run Agencies

Transaction: Requesting Approvals/Permissions/Authorization
Bribe Type: Nil
Detail: I newly moved to Awka and I rented a shop at the market to sell my goods. On the day I was opening for the first time, ASWAMA people came and started seizing and closing people's shops. They came to my shop and seized my goods even after I told them I was just opening that day and they said I should go and pay my dues at the bank. I went to the bank and paid the dues as requested and collected the teller to show them at their office. On getting there, they told me that I still needed to pay money before they could release my goods and they said the money was for the seizure. I refused to pay the money and they didn't give me my goods back.

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